Sony 21000mAh 18650 VTC4 Battery

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Sony 21000mAh 18650 VTC4 Battery:
The Sony VTC4 18650 batteries are perfect for powering vaporizers, electronic cigarettes, flashlights and other high-drain devices. These batteries do not require a protection circuit and their flat top terminals allow them to securely fit in many devices. The Sony VTC4 battery has a capacity of 2100 mAh, keeping your high powered applications running long and strong. This lithium-ion cell is a reliable and long lasting power source on which you can count to fuel your devices.

Product Specifications:
Battery Size: 18650
Chemistry: Li-Ion
Connector: Flat
Voltage: 3.8V
Capacity: 2100mAh
Max Continuous Discharge Current: 30A
Diameter: 0.7" (18.2mm)
Length: 2.5" (65mm)
Weight: 1.76 oz (50g)
Flat Top