Solace Lemonade

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Solace Lemonade:
The juice that you have been waiting for is here and it is more magnificent than you could have ever imagined. Lemonade by Solace Salts E Liquid is the summer time smash hit that you have got to get on to before it's too late. You love keeping up with the latest trends and being a part of everything that's hip, fresh and fun so why wouldn't you want to keep at the forefront of new and fabulous vaping releases as well? Made with some of the best ingredients out there, this salt based nicotine e juice blend is nothing less than perfection. Solace Salts E Liquid is known for the number of impeccable details that can be found in their juices and the production quality that goes into them. There isn't going to be a moment where this Salt E Liquid isn't going to be by your side and loaded into your tank. It is exactly what you need in a daily vape juice blend that will have your taste buds staying happy and you feeling refreshed and invigorated. Made with salt based nicotine, anyone who is trying to quit smoking will love being able to reach for this juice to help their cravings go away and make them feel uplifted. This blend is really like a little bottle full of sunshine that spreads positivity and good vibes around wherever it goes. A classic, picnic style lemonade is made from freshly picked lemons that are squeezed into a big jug and given just the right amount of sweetness to make that balanced flavor we all know and love. Redefining what you thought a summer romance could be, Lemonade is the bae you've been looking for.

Product Specifications:
Flavor: Lemonade
VG/PG Ratio: 50vg/50pg
Nicotine levels: 30MG, 50MG
Bottle Sizes: 30ML