SMOK TFV8 X-Baby Glass Tube

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SMOK TFV8 Big Baby Glass Tube:
The SMOK TFV8 X-Baby is one of the latest additions to the legendary TFV8 line of high-performance tanks by SMOK. As with the others in the collection, the X-Baby delivers absolutely remarkable vapor production, which is complemented by rich, intense, and robust flavor. Many factors work collectively to allow the X-Baby to offer such unsurpassed results. One of them is the glass tank used to house the e-juice. Unlike plastic tanks, which will erode over time, in the process altering the taste of the e-liquid, glass tanks are impervious to e-liquid’s acidic composition, and will therefore provide a markedly cleaner and more flavorful hit.

The one and only drawback of glass e-juice reservoirs is their propensity to break or crack in the tank is accidentally dropped. However, rather than being forced to purchase an entirely new tank should this occur, SMOK has released the replacement glass tubes for the X-Baby Tank. Installation is an absolute breeze, and is substantially less costly than replacing the tank as a whole.

Product Specifications:
Made with High-Quality Pyrex (Borosilicate) Glass
Fits Perfectly with the Tank
Substantially Less Costly Than Replacing the Entire Tank
100% Authentic SMOK