Plus Pods Watermelon (JUUL Comapatible) Pack of 4

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Plus Pods Watermelon (JUUL Comapatible) Pack of 4:
Satisfy your craving for sweetness with PLUS Pods Watermelon flavored pods. These JUUL compatible pods are refreshingly sweet and taste just like a freshly picked, super juicy watermelon. These pods are perfect for a warm summer day, or when you just need a pick-me-up that will transport you to warmth and sunshine on a dull and dreary winter’s day. These pods will saturate your taste buds with the perfectly subtle, yet refreshingly sweet taste of sun-ripened watermelon. If you are interested in trying out a truly exciting vaping experience, PLUS Pods Watermelon will definitely please.

Product Specifications:
A package of four premium-quality PLUS JUUL compatible pods.
Each pod is prefilled with 1.0ml of nicotine salt vape juice; more than the standard JUUL Pod, which contains 0.7ml of vape juice
Each pod contains 6% nicotine by weight; 1% more than the standard JUUL Pod