MYLÉ Cubano Pod Pack of 4

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MYLÉ Cubano Pod Pack of 4:
Myle has something for cigar lovers with Myle Replacement Pods Cubano. Cubano is an ultra smooth rich creamy tobacco that will make it feel as if you are actually taking a puff of your favorite cigar! If you are someone that enjoys a full and rich flavor definitely give Myle Cubano Pods a try and it might have you completely convert from smoking cigars to the healthier alternative of vaping.

On inhale of MYLÈ Cubano Pods, a rich and earthy tobacco will delight your taste buds providing unique and accurate tobacco leaf flavor. To perfectly balance out the flavor, the exhale consists of a rich and luxurious cream that meshes with the tobacco to give you an extremely pleasing vaping experience.

Myle Pods Cubano are available in the nicotine levels 50mg. Each pod contains .9ml of the highest quality salt nicotine juices.

Product Specifications:
Each Pod:
- is equivelant to approx. 1 pack of cigarettes or 240 puffs.
- contains approx. 0.9ml with 5% nicotine by weight.