Longmada J-Pods Vanilla Tobacco (JUUL COMAPATIBLE) Pack

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Longmada J-Pods Vanilla Tobacco (JUUL COMAPATIBLE) Pack:

Longmada J-pods feature Dual airflow as well as a leak proof system. In addition to a unique air channel design, effectively reduces the condensate flow into the battery.
These Pods brings along a sweet Tobacco with a hint of Vanilla in every puff providing a smooth creamy flavor to satisfy your pallet all day! Enjoy a Pack Today!

Product Specifications:
Closed system, disposable & child-resistant oil pod cartridge
Ceramic rod coil
Resistance: 2 ohm
J-pods Capacity: 0.4 ml
Cartridge size 15.3* 28.3*6.9mm
Compatible with Juul 
Separate airways, design – avoids getting clogged