Eonsmoke Citrus Burst Pods (JUUL Comapatible) Pack of 4

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Eion Smok Citrus Burst Pods (JUUL Comapatible) Pack of 4:
One of our more pervasive flavors is contained within the Eonsmoke Citrus Burst Pods, bringing out the perfect essence from the world of lemons and limes in ways you never thought were conceivable. As you begin with your initial inhalation, you will be endowed with a pleasurable, acidic, sensual dimension that you won’t be able to resist. If you dare to enter the world of soothing flavors that carry with them a strong kick, look no further.

Product Specifications:
A package of four premium-quality PLUS Pods JUUL compatible pods in a succulent mango/mint flavor
Each pod is prefilled with 1.0ml of nicotine salt vape juice; more than the standard JUUL Pod, which contains 0.7ml of vape juice
Each pod contains 6% nicotine by weight