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Demon Killer Prebuilt Coils

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Demon Killer Prebuilt Coils:
Demon Killer Rebuilt Coils are the way to go to rebuild your favorite sub-ohm tank and there is a a wide variety of Prebuilt Coils you can choose from Flat twisted wire, Fused clapton coils, Hive premade wrap wires and more...

Product Specifications:

  • Twisted 0.2ohm Kernel: 24GA A1 - Wrapped: 24GA A1
  • Mix Twisted 0.45ohm Kernel: 26GA A1 -  Wrapped: 0.2*0.8 Flat
  • Flat Twisted 0.36ohm Kernel: 0.2*0.8 Flat - Wrapped: 0.2*0.8 Flat
  • Fused Clapton  0.45ohm Kernel: 24GA A1*2  - Wrapped: 32GA A1
  • Tiger 0.36ohm Kernel: 26GA A1 -  Wrapped: 0.2*0.8 Flat
  • Quad 0.36ohm Kernel: 28GA A1*4 -  Wrapped: 0
  • Hive 0.5ohm Kernel: 30GA A1*2 -  Wrapped: 30GA A1*2
  • 10 Coils per Package.