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Cali Pods Mango (JUUL Comapatible) Pack of 4

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Cali Pods Mango (JUUL Comapatible) Pack of 4:
We dare you to try this new flavor that we guarantee you haven’t tried before. It combines one of the world’s most popular tropical fruits with an essence of mint mixed within in order to clean up the palate from any previous experience. What exactly does this feel like? Picture a honeyed rush of mango flavors reach the top of your senses, followed by a tsunami of mountainous, refreshing sensations that cool downs down your palate and revitalizes it to its maximum potential. The Cali Pods Mango Mint are a perfect alternative to Juul Pods, built to be compatible with the Juul vaping system. 

Product Specifications:
A package of four premium-quality PLUS Pods JUUL compatible pods in a succulent mango/mint flavor
Each pod is prefilled with 1.0ml of nicotine salt vape juice; more than the standard JUUL Pod, which contains 0.7ml of vape juice
Each pod contains 5% nicotine by weight