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Bō Plus Device Kit

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Bō Plus Device Kit:
The next generation of pod mod vaping is here. The Bō Plus starter kit boasts a range of tech-forward features in a compact, easy-to-use package, while the contrast between the gloss finish coating on the vaporiser and matte, soft touch feel of the battery gives it understated chic.

The Bō Plus comes with a 27.6 inch charging cable so you can keep vaping even while the device is on charge and features a game-changing new USB-C connection, which is capable of charging your Bō Plus in 15 minutes; the 800mAh battery gives you around two days of use from a single charge. The device also features an LED indicator, which glows to show your pull strength and also while charging.

A high-quality leather cover included in the box gives the Bō Plus extra durability with a luxe twist.

Product Specifications:
Lightweight and ergonomically designed
Dimensions: 3.9in x 1.0in x .5in
Long-lasting 800 mAh battery
Fast USB-C Charging
Unique disposable liquid pod mod system
Includes Leather Skin/Pouch
Puff activated
Compatible with existing Bō Caps

The Kit includes:
1 Bō Plus (Bō+) ECIG Device
Fast USB-C Charging